Friday, 2 September 2011

Summer is still here!

So remember when I said summer was done, finished, kaput?!  Well, I was wrong.  Cue the rain the storm...

Wait for it, wait for it...

Hmm...nope nothing.  It's still warm out there.  Yesterday was glorious sunshine and actually hot.  Like tank top and cropped pants hot (not shorts hot - I don't think it's ever been shorts hot here-though some in the neighbourhood might disagree).

 This is George enjoying the summer sun.  She spent most of yesterday lying on her side on the patio catching the rays but anytime I tried to take a picture she'd get up and do this:

Not exactly a fan of the paparrazzi!

Again today, the weather has been lovely.  Not as hot as yesterday but what I would call neutral, so there's no difference between inside and out.  It would have been the perfect day to sit outside with a magazine and a few bevvies but common sense (I do have a little of it) told me that if your man is out at work all day he best not come home to find you've been boozing all afternoon.  So instead I cleaned the bathroom.  Not exactly the Lady of Leisure lifestyle I'm going for here but I have to do my bit.

Though not before making myself a summer salad.

This is an easy one.  Salmon goes in the oven with a little olive oil on both sides, pepper (if you like) and some sweet chilli sauce.  Put it in the oven at 200°C/400°F for about 20 minutes.  While it's cooking make your salad - I've been enjoying tomatoes while they're still red!  Pop the salmon on top of your salad and add more sweet chilli if you like.  I make this with chicken breasts (fresh or frozen) or just a can of tuna and some nice dressing.

Would have gone down nicely with a bottle glass of white.

It's probably going to chuck it down this weekend so I'm enjoying the warmth with the back door open and finally that glass of wine (red though).  Maybe a bowl of ice cream?

Anyone else still have nice weather?

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