Sunday, 29 January 2012

Ghost...Uh Dinner of Christmas Past

I hope Christmas isn't too much of a distant memory.  Some of you very busy people may still have your tree up?!  There was once or twice, growing up, that ours was threatened to have Easter eggs hung from it!  Thankfully, I took all our decorations down the day after I arrived home from Canada - otherwise there's a good chance we'd be hanging some Valentine's hearts on it!  I have been extremely busy, and have neglected this blog somewhat.  As part of my new year's resolutions, I plan to make time for the things I love and find balance.  For those who don't know, I am currently training to be a teacher and planning a wedding - both of which will come to fruition in less than 6 months!  Can we say "steeeeressed"?!

So, a Christmas catch up is in order!  Because I would be going to spend Christmas in Canada with my family and friends, I began decorating much earlier than usual, so I could enjoy it!  Although, I did worry that the other half  Grinch would spend Christmas day throwing my holiday cheer into the fire.

I also don't feel Christmassy until I bake cookies (and Bailey's in my coffee helps too!).  So I spent a few evenings in December spreading flour around the kitchen.  I like to give tins filled with cookies to family and friends.

I made sugar cookies, buttertarts, gingersnaps, peanut butter cookies, Skor and chocolate chip and cranberry and white chocolate.  Shortbread and gingerbread men usually make an appearance but I didn't want to go overboard!  I won't list all of the recipes but I get most of them from The Joy of Baking website.

I flew to Canada on the 18th of December and enjoyed a plethora of Christmas goodness over the next two weeks.  I spent a few days in Timmins before making the trip to Toronto for the holidays.  Lots of time was spent eating, drinking, shopping and more eating.  Our Christmas Eve feast consisted of my mom's meatpie, homemade fried rice and lots of nibbles - cheese and crackers, veggies and dip, chips and dip etc.  This is standard and I can always count on it.  I thought I could count on Christmas Day being what I remembered it to be, but no.  We now have pork for dinner.  I was counting on turkey but apparently Turkey is reserved for Thanksgiving and my mom no longer makes it for Christmas.  I tried to fight it but pork was sitting firm on the menu.  I prepped the roast vegetables and par boiled the roast potatoes (English style) and when it came time to start cooking, I somehow took over.  Then it happened...

Dinner was just about ready (okay so it was burning slightly) and someone (you know who you are) decided to "help" and poured cold water into the Pyrex dish the pork was crisping burning up in. If you want a pipe bomb type explosion in your oven then this is the move for you. Glass went everywhere - in the food, in the oven, in my mother.

And so, this is how we ended up having pork (after slicing the bottom off it was glass free - at least I hope it was) frozen vegetables and mashed potato (I was not having leftover fried rice on Christmas day so I whipped some up quick).

When all was said and done it wasn't too bad.  I'm very thankful we had food to eat and family to share it with.  I had a great time with my family and friends, and there was plenty of snow!  Anyone else have any little Christmas dinner hiccups? 

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