Thursday, 21 February 2013

Avocado Salsa a la Nigella

Watching Nigella Lawson is part cooking show, part porn.  She is so passionate about every step of the cooking process and every ingredient is absolutely the best thing she has ever eaten - ever.  As she has said on Nigella Kitchen: "Every single mouthful has to be devilishly good."   So much so, the ooh's and ahh's can get a little uncomfortable.  But I love it!  The close ups of the good food do it for me while I'm sure the close ups of "the goods" do it for the other half.  Love when we can find a show we can both watch together - whatever the reason may be.

We were watching a little Nigella a few weeks ago and she made a simple avocado salsa to go with a Mexican lasagna.  I thought it might go nicely with tacos but having forgotten exactly what went into it, I had to wing it.  I chopped up an avocado, some spring onions and a bunch of coriander and squeezed half a lime over the entire mixture. For a little kick you can add some chopped jalapenos but we added these individually to our tacos.

To make the tacos, or assemble them, rather,  I used some shop bought shells, pork filling (leftover from these stuffed peppers), salsa, sour cream, jalapenos, cheese and lettuce.  The avocado salsa was great on it's own but every once in a while, I just shoved some into my mouth along with my bite of taco.  Take note - hard shelled tacos should not be eaten in front of anyone you want to impress.  They're messy and there's lots of slopping around, on your face, on your top, on the floor (unless this is just me and now I'm really embarrassed).  Anyway, I'm married now, so no need to impress and he loves me, taco slop and all.  At least I hope so.

Thanks to the lime juice, the avocado in the salsa did not go brown and went beautifully with my scrambled eggs the following morning.  Devilishly good. far as healthy breakfasts go.

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