Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Perfect for a Party: Strawberry Fruit Dip

I was visiting my aunt and uncle a couple of weeks ago along with my bro and the mister; a last visit before my brother went back to Canada (sad face).  I was telling her how I had pretty much cleared out my maple syrup stash and she started checking the cupboards for some Canadian treats to give me.  I wasn't going to take the last of her Kraft peanut butter but I think I came away with something even more tasty - and it wasn't from Canada!

Behold.  American favourite - Marshmallow Fluff.

The strawberry one.  I stopped myself from eating it straight from the jar...fine, I had a couple spoonfuls, but that's it I swear.  The rest was used to make this oh so fabulous dip.  It's easy, looks fancy and served with fruit it's a winner on the health scale - am I right?!  And though you can find it at shops specialising in American food, they're usually expensive.  I found some Fluff at TK Maxx for under £2.

Perfect for a birthday treat, get together or just for eating in front of the TV - which is how it was demolished (mostly by me) over here last week.  Just thoroughly mix plain cream cheese and fluff to desired taste.  That. Is. It.


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