Thursday, 20 December 2012

A Cocktail To Toast My Mother

It's the mom's birthday today (HBD Ma!) and in honour of her I have prepared this festive cocktail.  Poinsettias are her favourite so when I found this recipe on Mix That Drink I had to give it a try.  It's just like they describe; easy to drink and down right festive.  Not particularly birthday-esk but that's what happens when you're born in December.

This is all you need.  They call for a chilled champagne flute (and well, champagne but I went with half price £5.99 Prosecco, we'll save the Moet for New Year's) but since I don't have any, I used this beautiful crystal martini glass (only the best for my mom - and since I skimped on the champers...)

Anyway, a half a shot of Cointreau, 3 shots of cranberry juice topped off with champagne Prosecco and as Gino D'Campo says, "Da job is done!"

When I was visiting the mom in October I bought her a charm for the bracelet I bought her last Christmas.  I hid it in her bottom dresser drawer and about a week later I got a phone call: "Did you hide a charm in my dresser?"  Me: "Uh Happy Birthday...In November"  And before she'd even called me, it was on her wrist; "Can I wear it now?"  In fairness, she did present me with my Christmas present when I walked in the door back in October - though she has doubled up and there's a Christmas present beautifully wrapped (by Amazon) under my tree from her.  I did not double up, so here's my toast instead:

Happy Birthday Mom!
You have taught me (nearly) everything I know and I am so proud to call you my mother.  You are so smart. funny, thoughtful and caring and have busted your arse for us all these years and I love you for every hardworking moment. 
Short and sweet, eh?  Mom stop crying.  


  1. How did you know...I can hardly see the keyboard through the tears. Thank you honey. The hard-work was definitely worth it. I love you.